Starcraft 2 – Splitted into 3s

More news on the delayed game on Starcraft II was released from BlizzCon 2008 yesterday. Below links to a video about the announcement:

Here’s a summary of what is plan for Starcraft II:

  • Starcraft II will now be in 3 separate part, a trilogy. The first game – Wings of Liberty – would be on the Terrans. Second, Heart of the Swarm on the Zergs. The Legacy of the Void, the third and final part of the trilogy will be on the Protoss.
  • Each game would contain around 26 to 30 missions in the campaigns.
  • Multiplayers will be available through each game. Each races are balanced.

However, the release date have stayed the game – for 2009. But would all three parts comes out in the same year? I highly doubt it. Probably it would take another year or so for the entire package to be fully complete.

Other Things Should Consider:

  • The release date of the other 2 game – Zerg and Protoss – might even take 2 years to be release.
  • The price. You would have to pay for the same game for 3 times?!

More Regarding The Announcement:



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