About Me

Gordon Lai

I am a Chinese American, born in San Francisco, California. I have been fascinated by the differences in traditions, cultures, knowledge, technologies, etc. since I started to notice things beyond my surroundings. To satisfy my craving for more knowledge, I gathered up all the resources I can find – books, magazines, people, and the Internet.

I have been to many different places on the globe and never stayed in one location for over 7 years. Been across the United States, living under the autonomous Hong Kong SAR, the economic rising China, ate through the streets of Taiwan, and under the cold yet naturally beautiful Canada. However, there are more places I have yet to see, visit, and experience!

Currently a student of the University of Toronto, specializing in a relatively new program named “Digital Enterprise Management”.

My personal interests covers a wide variety of topics. Basically, I will write about anything that sparks any interests in my eyes on this blog. However, I must point out that any writings on this blog is solely my personal opinion and are NOT to be taken as seriously or as facts. I apologize in advance if I go overboard on the process of writing and offend anybody.